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Latest News and Events

Thembisa Mdoda Joins Owen S. Management

Published on 2017/02/07 03:13:04 PM

118Thembisa Mdoda is a creative soul with three degrees under her belt (Graphic Design, Hon. Dramatic Arts, Media Studies and Journalism) adding credibility to her skills and talents as an entertainer and journalist. To showcase all her talents, Thembisa has joined well-known talent management agency, Owen S. Management. Owen S. Management specializes in representing, managing and promoting high-profiled media personalities, professional actors and skilled voice-over artists. With their vast expe... Read More »

Catching Up With ProVerb

Published on 2016/04/22 07:41:24 AM

115You’ve been in the industry for many years, and you’ve made the transition from rapper to TV personality. How has this transition been for you? Entertainment is my passion and I consider myself an all rounder. This is not to suggest that I’m an expert in all aspects of entertainment but rather that I love the entertainment industry in it’s entirety and I try and expose myself to all is has to offer and learn all I can along the way. I started in radio as technical producer for DJ Fresh and ... Read More »

Nobathembu Kinalma Bashman on Voice Overs...

Published on 2016/01/21 02:07:28 PM

114What do you love about voice work? I love that I get to work with such a diverse clientele and truly use my talent - a marvel at what some would think is so easy - it's not. But a love and passion for it gives one all the needed aspects to make it look or should I say sound easy (lol) How do you prepare for a session? Because voice work is most times immediate and with not much time between the actual booking and recording we don't get a lot of time to prepare. But when we do get those few... Read More »

Casting Director Bonnie Lee Bouman on 'AUDITIONING'

Published on 2015/06/09 12:46:47 PM

112Bonnie Lee Bouman is one of South Africa's Top Performance Casting Directors. After graduating from Vancouver Film School (Acting for Film and Television) , she returned home to start her own company in 2003 and is renowned for her imaginative and performance driven casting direction in all visual mediums. (TV and Film) - (For more info on Bonnie, visit: www.blbc.co.za) In this particular Q & A- Owen (on behalf of actors!) asks Bonnie some potently relevant questions about AUDITIONS. Bonn... Read More »

Q & A with Wayne van Rooyen on 'Stokkies' in E-TV's Scandal

Published on 2015/05/27 07:38:42 AM

111You play the role of ‘Stokkies’ on E-TV’s Scandal. Can you tell us a little more about the character? Vernon 'Stokkies' Jacobs is a convict. His dark past has landed him in prison and he clearly has regrets about it. He wants nothing more than to get out of prison and make amends with his Parents. He is described as an eager to please, somewhat subservient and sniveling man on crutches. 'Stokkies'is a survivor and the voice of information in Prison. Anyone needs to know something, 'Stokkies' i... Read More »