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Published on 2017/07/04 01:21:17 PM

Media Statement

SABC 3’s new witty late night talk show
Johannesburg, 03 July 2017

South Africa’s newest late night live talk show, #WTFTUMI - hosted by comedienne and actress Tumi Morake - is set to make waves when it premieres on SABC3 on Wednesday, 5 July at 21h30. #WTFTUMI, a tongue-in-cheek, late night show produced by Urban Brew Studios, will see some of South Africa’s hottest celebs and influencers feature as studio guests.

Every Wednesday and Thursday evening, #WTFTUMI will tap into the pulse of the nation when Tumi looks at what has recently got South Africans talking. She will also get her invited guests talking about the lighter side of their lives, with a bit of snooping and through exciting interactive games.

Each episode, two or threeA-listers, ranging from celebs to sports stars and politicians, will open up to Tumi while in the #WTFTUMI lounge, bar or jacuzzi.  They’ll take part in different impromptu games that will ultimately reveal little known facts about them. Tumi might dare to invade the celebrity guest’s privacy and ask them to explain three things; like three items from their handbag or their three latest Twitter direct messages. She could also give the celeb guest the opportunity to respond to as many social media messages – hateful or loving – in 60 seconds.

#WTFTUMI will also see Tumi engaging with the studio audience and share a bit of banter with her barman. Each episode will end with a performance, either by a well-known music artist or comedian.

Tumi, who continues to be a formidable force in the entertainment industry, says, “I am always excited to try something new.  This show is raw and unapologetic, especially since it is a late night slot, I can afford to be naughty because the kids have already gone off to bed.”

Head of Unscripted Productions at Urban Brew Studios Adelaide Joshua-Hill adds, “We are looking forward to venturing into this new project with Tumi. There are so many creative things planned and we just can’t wait to share them with the viewers. All we can say is #WTF. ”

True to its tongue in cheek nature, the show’s name, #WTFTUMI, will see a play on the acronym WTF.  The WTF will lend itself to mean something different in each episode, from ‘Why The Fuss’ to ‘Where’s The Friday’.

Don’t miss #WTFTUMI every Wednesday and Thursday at 21h30 on SABC 3.

 Follow the #WTFTUMI on social media at:
Facebook – WTF Tumi
Instagram – @wtftumi
Twitter - @wtftumi
Tumi Morake on Twitter - @tumi_morake


About SABC 3
The repositioned SABC 3 brand brings you “The Stage is Yours”, for the quintessential viewer that is unapologetically South African in pride and in behaviour but holds a global view, the unboxed. We are the channel that shines a spotlight on our aspirations and represents the progressive spirit of our nation. We have local content that is relevant, cutting edge,  compelling and speaks to our South Africanisms.  We aim to showcase our multicultural energy and the collective possibility that allows our viewers to make life affirming -decisions that will define the future of generations to come.

 About Urban Brew Studios
Urban Brew Studios, a division of Kagiso Media, is a leading African content creator providing innovative, global entertainment solutions and services. With more than 25 years in the television industry, Urban Brew Studios creates content for local platforms including the national broadcaster, the SABC and for other platforms including DStv and e.tv. Urban Brew Studios has capabilities to broadcast worldwide and has eight fully equipped studios, four control rooms and ten final mix studios. As a channel broadcaster, Urban Brew Studios manages television channels including ONE Gospel and Dumisa TV.


Issued by
Lauren Holley at My Word PR & Communications on behalf of:
Natasha Wadvalla – Marketing Director: Urban Brew Studios

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